Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Best Ring Designs - Choose Branded Ring Designs Online

Best Ring Designs

Jewelry is women's first love and this can be said without any sort of apprehension. We realize this value and present some of the most amazing sorts of jewelry for our clients. Rings are one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that embellish a woman differently and make her look great.

We showcase best ring designs for every sort of occasion. Our fashion jewelry rings can be worn with casual attires and make you highlight, even with a simple look in a classic way. The range in colors is varied and the designing is top notch and latest. Now you can get branded rings online for formal occasions too. The stones, designing and carvings in the rings are absolutely magnificent and so refined that you are left surprised when you compare their quality with the price you are required to pay. Moreover, we maintain a thoroughly professional online shopping system whereby we assure timely delivery of rings too. So, you can order for some great stuff and enhance your looks that you dream of.

Fashion Rings 

Not only this, the display of the items and zooming facilities helps in aiding our clients to make the correct choice. Also an idea regarding the correct designing can be made more effectively through a perfect picture. We recognize the fact that rings portray a big style statement in the fashion world these days. Any sort of look can be best accentuated only with the right kind of fashion jewelry. Thereby we comprise of unlimited versions of rings at our online store so that you have a great pool to choose from. At the same time our professional categorization facility helps you to reach the selected ring styles that suit your requirement perfectly. Now you cannot fear from all those theme parties anymore, because you can buy fashion rings as per any theme from us.

Our purchasing and payment terms are made to make online shopping comfortable for our clients. Moreover, with add-on of various sales promotion special offers like discounts on ‘Refer a Friend’ or ‘Festive Offers’ or ‘Deal of the Day’ etc. one can save a lot by making purchases of fashion jewelry at even lesser prices.

So, get ready to create a lasting impact by adorning yourself with classy fashion rings from Exp Jewelry.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Choose Your Best Jewelry Design

Jewelry is quite an important thing for any gender or any age. The trends of jewelry in use are increasing day by day and so are the designs. As a result, we often get confused while making selection and even during short listing what to wear. So as to resolve this problem of making design selection, we need to keep the following points in mind:

We go for shopping of Fashion Jewelry especially when we want something to match with our outfits perfectly. As real jewelry is too expensive to be purchased, so fashion jewelry is a better option, having designs to go fine with apparels for various occasions, that look really good when worn with a dress that compliments it well. So, be sure of the outfit, before you choose a design.

Lasting or durable: The design chosen should also fulfill the durability factor as per essential requirement. Sometimes you know that the jewelry piece you are buying is delicately made and requires a lot of care or otherwise you can just wear it once or twice, in that case, you have to be sure of your handling otherwise buying it will be of no use at all.

Your budget: Fashion jewelry designs come in distinctive price ranges and you have to be sure of the budget allotted for the ornaments as such, before going for choosing something.

Be sure of the size: Sometimes while purchasing necklaces, we ignore the basic criteria for choosing jewelry designs and that is the size. Many necklaces don't fit in the neck well just because they may be tight or extra loose. Even bangles, bracelets, anklets etc. have to be chosen as per size.

Occasion: You should always finalize a design keeping in mind, the occasions you can wear an ornament on. Some designs restrict themselves to just a single type of occasion only. So, choose as per your need.

Whats' in: Go for the latest and "what’s popular "in the current scenario category. Fashion jewelry gives you a choice to wear any sorts of ornaments in various colors and designs. So, make the most of it and leave a lasting impression.

What suits you: Many a times, even great designs may not look so good on you and sometimes, simpler ones too may make you look exceptional. So, need to go with the one that makes you look great.

After considering all such factors, you are sure to reach a design that is perfect for you. So get ready to make a statement that matters!

Monday, 24 September 2012

How to Choose Best Jewelry Brands?

Wondering what to choose,when options are far too many! Well, your problem is about to get solved after you go thorough this write up. Jewelry is an adorable item may it be for women or even men these days. Realizing this, an array of brands have launched their designer pieces of jewelry, thereby opening numerous alternatives for the customers to choose from. As a result, the customer is often in a jiffy regarding what to choose and how?

Here are some key points that can help you to go the right way:

1. Go for the reputed brands: With reputed brands, at least we can ensure that the ornaments or accessories selected will be lasting, of good quality, updated as well as distinctive.

2. Know what you are looking for: Jewelry brands may have a group of things for customers. But some are good in a particular sort of branded jewelry while others may be renowned for some different item. For example: If you need pearl jewelry, your list of brands will differ than the one, if you are looking for fashion jewelry etc.

Compare catalogues: Major jewelry brands have their own brochures or catalogues that showcase their latest designs in bracelets, necklaces, bangles, earrings etc. A comparison of the same will give you an idea regarding which is among the top notch brands.

Brand which follows the trend: The best brand will always have the latest. If you are looking for the latest trend and the jewelry brand has it, then you are on the right path.

5. Best prices & offers: Often jewelry brands, provide you with an amazing matching collections which you can wear collectively and highlight a perfect style statement. Even if you need a necklace, you are then lured to buy the additional bracelet too, because the collective offer gives add-on in just a bit extra cost. Be ready to lurch on such branded jewelry centers that can give you an entire package.

In all, go for factors like type of jewelry (classic, traditional, contemporary etc.), couture jewelry option (customized as per clients), updated designs, different patterns, amazing quality and cost effective prices. Then you can find the best jewelry brands.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Arm Jewelry - Where to get best arm Jewelry & What to Choose?

Jewelry is undoubtedly the biggest gift for a women. It helps her in looking good and is an added weapon in her kit to look absolutely amazing. Arm jewelry is such an ornament which allows a women to adorn herself with an additional charm.

Arm jewelry comes in variety of forms and wearing distinctive sorts of arm jewelry symbolizes different things. Arm jewelry can be bangles, bracelets, armlets or wrist bands. It comes in variety of designs and is made of metal, leather, beads, woods, gems etc.

Now you can buy arm jewelry online too. You just need to know your size and you can possess the best and most adorable arm ornament of any sort and turn heads with a simple wave of hand too.

As per fashion & age:
While choosing for arm jewelry go for stuff that is in. If you are a teenager, go for funky arm bands or multi colored bangles or bracelets. Wearing bracelets and bangles together is another thing that is high on fashion. For other age groups: With an evening dress, go for long cuff bracelets made of metal and with traditional dresses, go for single studded broad bangle instead of too many thin colored bangles these days.

Online shopping for arm jewelry:
While going for online shopping of arm jewelry, be sure of the source from which you are going to buy. Only reliable sources cater to timely and quality delivery of product. Also choose the arm jewelry after considering the size and material factor. Some ornaments are studded and some are simple, but may cost the same. The secret is the material they are made off. A similarly designed bracelet from alloy, brass, zinc etc. will cost different.

Types of bracelets: Bracelets is not a simple term. There are numerous types of bracelets which mean a lot. Charm bracelets are specialized to bring luck and are worn after consulting an astrologer. Other bracelets like ribbon bracelets, wooden bracelets, karma bracelets etc. also differ in material and looks.

So, now get the type of arm ornament you love to wear not only easily but also most affordably and that too minimum fuss leading to maximum good looks.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Buy Designer Jewellery, Fashion Jewellery Fashion Earrings Online

‘Jewellery’ - Idolized by her, as it gives considerable enhancement to her charms!

Jewellery always remained to be the priority liking for any female, may it be a young girl or a woman, as its presence on her, gives her a feeling of completeness and confident. Jewellery doesn’t mean necessarily to be of precious metal, it can be any type that makes her looks more appealing and fascinating. Selection of appropriate designer jewellery can completely change the look of women or girl. Girls always want to wear fashion designer jewellery from the available exclusive jewellery brands and jewellery design in the market. In this article, you will find various jewelry designs, fashion earrings which will are commonly liked by mostly all girls and women.

Fashion Earrings – Important Part of Jewellery

One of the important and commonly used articles in jewellery are earrings. Girls really are curious for having fashionable earnings and want to purchase the new trendy fashionable earrings on short intervals as per the changing fashion trends. One of the famous fashion model ‘Mischa Barton’ saying about earrings as follows -

“I'm still getting used to changing earrings - It still feels really weird to be pushing bits of metal through holes in my earlobes that weren't there a few weeks back, and actually seeing and feeling the holes in my lobes is still a bit freaky.”

A bit of change in earring’s design brings a lot of change to the facial appeal of anyone willing to give herself a new style.

Where to Buy Designer Jewellery, Fashion Jewellery, Jewellery Brands and Fashion Earrings Online?

The most common query among keen online shoppers, especially the young colligate girls is the online shopping website for buying qualitative designer jewelery. Buying jewelry online is not as much complex, as it was some years ago. Even as on date, the husbands too can easily place online order for their wives, especially as a beautiful surprise gift on their marriage anniversary, as ExpJewelry.com has comforted their customers with COD – ‘Cash on Delivery’ service in India.

Now a days, a vast online community, fond of fashion jewellery, do lot of shopping at ExpJewelery.com as one of the most reliable and the largest branded jewellery manufacturer and suppliers in India offering largest collections of jewellery at heavily discounted prices.

Exp Jewelery offers thousands of exclusively designed fashion earrings, bracelets and pendants. Just experience it once as you can see some of the attractive designs here below -

Ear Rings


Pendants Sets

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Why Do Women Love To Wear Jewellery?

Women love to wear jewellery for a variety of reasons and many will not leave the house without having some jewellery on. Jewellery to many women is a form of statement. It expresses what they like and also can be a great visual indicator to a person's wealth.

Many women will spend a considerable sum of money on jewellery as they believe it will show just how wealthy they are. However it is not always simple to define if the person's jewellery is really that expensive. Over the past few years more and more 'imitation' jewellery pieces have flooded the market from the various designer houses like “Expressions Jewellery”. If you look on our site such as www.expjewelery.com you can see there are rings, necklaces and earrings that look almost identical to ones that cost more than Rs. 5,00,000 but are actually on sale for around Rs. 2,500.

Women love to wear jewellery that is sentimental to them. It may be due to the piece of jewellery being bought by a loved one or they may have bought it from a special place such as on holiday and so it is a great memory of this particular time. Some women also believe jewellery can have a very powerful spiritual meaning and so will wear particular necklaces that represent things such as luck or love.

Religion is also a major part of why some women wear jewellery. The crucifix is one of the most popular pieces of jewellery in the world and works as a clear way of declaring their religion.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Jewellery is a Reflection of your Aesthetic Sensibilities

Jewellery is a reflection of your aesthetic sensibilities and is instrumental in enhancing your style, says director of “Expressions Jewellery”

How important is it to have different kinds of jewellery to match different outfits?

It’s a priority. One can’t wear a diamond cuff bangle on the beach and one can’t really be in funky leather jewellery, while at a temple wedding ceremony! Jewellery speaks volumes about you style sensibilities. What to wear and how much, is really a reflection of your aesthetic sense and the ability to present yourself impeccably.

What are the must have pieces of jewellery in a woman’s wardrobe and why?

Diamond, solitaires and a diamond ring, as these give one a quintessential glow, while keeping it simple and elegant. An inheritance from your mother is another thing that is a must have in your wardrobe, as this will always warm your heart, a piece of gold that she gave you or a family heirloom. A commemoration piece from a travel or a friend, jewellery must tell stories and is always nice to pick up a piece when you live life travelling. A set of silver and gold bangles are also a must, as they are something that can be teamed up with almost anything. A cocktail ring is a must too. A spiritual piece is another necessity, which reflects your believes. A piece that has your birthstone in it, or a favourite-colour gemstone, an antique piece that attracted you or maybe a piece that reflects the craftsmanship of your hometown, is also great to have. A pair of evening chandeliers or a cuff bangle in black diamonds is very high fashion and works with most looks. A beautifully crafted piece from Expressions Jewellery, contemporary designer jewellery that reflects your time, created by your loved Expressions Jewellery and also a piece of jewellery that celebrates love, wedding jewellery that you can wear often and one piece that blows everyone away and can be worn on occasions only.

How far does jewellery go in altering someone’s overall look?

Jewellery can either make or break your look; the right piece at the right time is an art form. Size does not matter here; it’s in the detail and the story and the confidence that it is carried with.

Are there any new trends that the jewellery industry will see this season?

Jewellery should make a personal statement and should have daring aesthetics. Black diamonds, cabochon gemstones and pieces crafted just for you make a great style statement. There is also the trend of recycling jewellery, making new pieces from existing metal. Men today are also signing up for personal pieces, while women are buying special hair ornaments. Multimedia jewellery will also rule the seasons to come.

Does jewellery have the license of being presented in colourful designs, or should it stick to the basic aesthetics?

It’s important to celebrate design with colours. It takes taste, experience and a natural flair to carry off many colours. And yes jewellery can be as vibrant as it comes, but only the most gifted have the license to draw these lines and I will say, keep it natural and balanced. Good taste is a rare find and people who wear good jewellery feel special from within.

Thursday, 12 January 2012


There is not a single woman in the world who doesn't want to be stay stylish and charming. As to in which way to achieve this goal, different women have different ways. As a matter of fact, no matter how well you dress in your pants suit, jeans, blouse or even the attractive little black dress, one thing that you shall never miss is the jewelry which is also considered as an important accessory as part of fashion. Below are several jewelry fashion tips for women to keep in mind if you want to add more beauty.


What kind of necklaces that you should wear depends mostly on the neckline of the blouse or dress? They should match well and only in that way you can look charming wearing them. In order to go with the V-neck, you need a drop necklace with a charm on the end. The truth is different jewelries should be worn in different occasions. Wearing a precious CZ jewelry or crystal necklaces is suitable for formal and casual wear.


It is a common knowledge that if you wear bracelets, you ought to not to wear long shirts. Clothes with short sleeves or three-quarter sleeves should be your first options. Only by wearing this that you can totally show the charm of the bracelets. If you are going for a casual look, silver or gold bangles are of one the best choices. According to different looks, you need different kinds of bracelets to match your clothes. For a formal look, you'd better stick with an elegant and simple diamond tennis bracelet. Keep one thing in mind that is to avoid wearing bracelets on both wrists which can overwhelm your look.


Details are everything even a tiny one. A diamond stud could be the perfect accessory for you to add more charm. Pearl earrings should be worn with casual wear though you can feel free to wear them to add charm. Crystal earrings are generally extravagant and attractive. Some women choose to put on a pair of pearl earrings on a special occasion. It is to get other’s attentions drawn on you. Most Crystal earrings go nicely with formal gowns, pain suits and jeans.

Less is More 

Jewelry is actually an important fashion accessory but don't overdo it. Don't ever wear too much jewelry which may cause a side effect. What kind of jewelry to wear depends on the styles you choose and most of the time, one piece of jewelry like a colorful bracelet, a pair of earrings is enough. It is really enough for your outfit.

Remember the above four tips and then you will look more charming with the jewelries. Jewelry is only one important fashion accessory for you but never overdo it.